The Ampoliros

In the Beginning

"There's something out on the space-wing!"

In the dark reaches of the Calixis Sector, there are deep parts of Deep Space that seem just a little deeper than others. Forgotten corners of the Imperium of Man that haven’t seen the light of the Golden Throne in Aeons, if ever. One such corner is known to Navigators as The Baraspine Quadrangle. Located in the Adrantis Nebula, and stretching from Baraspine to Tranch to the Path of the Misericord and down to the Dead World of Grangold and back, this region of space has the dubious reputation of being the origin point of more distress signals than any other in the Imperium.

One such call was intercepted by a less-than-skilled Astropath who was more interested in how much cosmo-sugar went into his boss’s space-coffee, and interpreted only marginally. Due to the labyrinthine nature of the bureaucracy of the Imperium, this data was routed all over the galaxy, and eventually filed away in datacrypt on an Imperial back-water planet. It came to the attention of the Ordo Xenos (the branch of the Inquisition tasked with rooting out Alien threats to humanity) when a lowly tech-priest inadvertently pulled the wrong scroll while looking for a formula for cybernetic lubricant. By this time the message was over 1000 years old, and had lead a hard, neglected life. Still, the remaining text was sufficient for Inquisitor Van Vuygens of the Ordo Xenos to mount a mission, but not deemed so important that he need send especially accomplished investigators. Enter the party…



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