Castus Cortez

A void-born Tech-Priest

  • Weapon Skill (WS): 32
  • Ballistic Skill (BS): 32
  • Strength (Str): 25
  • Toughness (T): 29
  • Agility (Ag): 31
  • Intelligence (Int): 36
  • Perception (Per): 31
  • Will Power (WP): 29
  • Fellowship (Fel): 27

Talents & Traits:

  • MECHANICUS IMPLANTS: # Electro-Graft-a small port for machine/human interface # Electoo-Inductors-glowing tattoos that absorb or project energy # Respirator Unit-protects against gas or toxins, and amplifies your voice variously # Cyber-Mantle-a chassis that allows for further cybernetic enhancement #Potentia-Coil-the battery that powers your cyber mantle and can project various fields #Cranial Circuitry-implants that enhance your cognition
  • ELECTRO-GRAFT USE: +10 to Common Lore, Inquiry, or Tech-Use when connected to a data-port
  • FEEDBACK SCREECH: all non-daemons or machines are befuddled by your audio feedback and must make a Will Power save to avoid losing 1/2 action. takes 1d5 Rounds to recharge
  • BINARY CHATTER: +10 to instruct, program, or question servitors
  • TECHNICAL KNOCK: unjam 1 gun instantly by touching it

Clannish and secrative both by birth and by profession, little is known about Castus Cortez. Tech-Priests are necessary to the function of the Imperium, as only they understand the secret words and rituals that must be employed to operate the myriad devices that keep the Galaxy connected. Often misunderstood by outsiders, Tech Priests prefer to keep to themselves, mostly…

Void Born humans are at home on the great Interstellars that ply the spaceways…and almost nowhere else. Often drawing the superstition of locals, they are rarely the face of the part.

Tech-Priests worship the Omnissiah and are the grease that keeps the wheels of the Imperium turning. Without them to maintain the infrastructure, there would be no Imperium of man at all.

Castus Cortez

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