Krell Hack-Imperial Psyker

Imperial Psyker from a Feral World

  • Weapon Skill (WS): 30
  • Ballistic Skill (BS): 32
  • Strength (Str): 36
  • Toughness (T): 34
  • Agility (Ag): 29
  • Intelligence (Int): 32
  • Perception (Per): 31
  • Will Power (WP): 31

Talents & Traits:

  • IRON STOMACH: +10 on a Carouse test to resist ingested poison or vomiting
  • PRIMITIVE: -10 on Tech-Use tests and -10 penalty to fellowship tests in formal or civilized surroundings
  • RITE of PASSAGE: spend a full action to make an Int test to staunch Blood Loss
  • WILDERNESS SAVVY: Navigate (surface), Survival, and Tracking count as basic skills
  • PSY RATING 1: provides a number of minor psychic powers =1/2 wisdom mod rounded up
  • SANCTIONED PSYKER (Tongue bound): lips, gums and soft palette are tattooed with hexagrammatic words. you must make a -20 Will Power test to speak the names of the Ruinous Ones, and stutter terribly when speaking of daemons
  • HATRED (Daemons): +10 to attacks against hated creatures
  • MINOR PSYCHIC POWER: gain one additional minor psychic power

Psychic Powers:

  • Weapon Jinx: You reach into nearby machines with your mind and scramble circuitry. All mechanical devices within range cease to function for 1 round. In addition, you may Test Willpower to force a single weapon within range to jam.
  • Sense Presence: Reaching out with your mind, you get a vague inkling of other life forms in the area. You automatically detect all living creatures in the area.
  • Fearful Aura: You twist reality in such a way so as to make you seem more sinister and dangerous. You become the source of dread for anyone who looks upon you.

Born with latent psyonic power on a Feral World, Krell Hack was taken to Holy Terra as part of the Emperor’s Tithe aboard the infamous Black Ships. When it took 5 Imperial Guardsmen to restrain him, it was determined his hidden abilities were too valuable to be thrown away as an Imperial Martyr. Krell was put through an intense program designed to forge him into an elite daemon hunter. As part of this punishing regimen, his lips, gums, and soft palette were tattooed with warding symbols, making it difficult for him to speak the names of the ruinous ones, but his hatred of daemons grants him strength in combat with them. His conditioning complete, Krell Hack was unleashed upon the Imperium…

Feral Worlders are tough, superstitious humans that are more resiliant than natives of other kinds of planets.

Imperial Psykers channel the chaos of the immaterium to otherworldly effect.

Krell Hack-Imperial Psyker

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